Broken A/C in 109 Degrees?

by lostindrawers

Life is not always glamorous.  The scene is simple: 10pm and here in Texas it was beyond 100 degrees out, the house temperature randomly rises to 85 and a strange noise is coming from the back yard.  Hello, broken A/C unit and 92 degrees in the living room.  This is the reality of where we live and how life can honestly be cruel some days.  We rent our little house, and there are definite pros and cons to that.  On one hand, an owner might be able to get a late night emergency repair…but have a bill in hand.  Us renters, however, cannot get a repairman till the next day but do not have to pay.  The frustration of the second repair inside of a month was apparent, and despite our best efforts we were facing a difficult choice: endure 95 degrees all night or find a cheap motel on the west side.

Well, nothing says life has gotten REAL like checking into a shabby little motel at 11pm with puppy in tow.  A rough night, and a repairman who got our unit repaired in under 2 hours later…we have a renewed perspective about life, the importance of having a home and how important it is to trust in God when life and all its strange interactions and relationships seem to fail.  We increasingly see how life is asking of us to embrace a hope we find in creating a way of life that speaks to truth beauty kindness and love.  And knowing that, no temperature can break our spirit.

Bo & Heather