D.I.Y. Handkerchief Bunting Tutorial

by lostindrawers

1.  I picked 8 handkerchiefs that didn’t match but coordinate.  I thought that blues and whites would be a nice look for summer.  Don’t worry about them all being the same size – the variety is really charming.  You’ll need more or less depending on the size of the hankies and the length of your bunting, but 8 is a good starting number.

2.  Whenever I’m digging around at the flea market or in a thrift store, I always look for vintage sewing bits.  This fabric binding works really well with the blues in the hankies, but you could use anything – ric rac, quilt binding, or just a piece of fabric or ribbon.  Contrasting thread pulls it all together.   Cut a piece as long as you want your bunting (I made mine 12 ft.) and make sure to leave enough on the ends to tie it to something.

3.  Lay out the hankies along the length of your binding – this gives you an idea of how many hankies you need, as well as how far apart to space them.  I just eyeball it.

4.  Pin the hankies to your binding, with the hankies on the back side.  Again, the spacing doesn’t have to be exact, but make sure to leave enough space between the hankies that they can fall well (6 inches, more or less).

5.  Run it though the sewing machine, making sure that the thread goes both through the binding and through the fabric of the hankie.

Trim your ends, and find somewhere to hang!

It’s no surprise that I love all kinds of bunting, so you can imagine how overjoyed I was when I came across this D.IY. Such a great idea from The Craft Begins!

Credit for amazing D.I.Y & Photos from The Craft Begins