Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

Another update from the outpost we call home.  First off, I finally got my hair cut and colored. Though it is a bit wind blown in these pictures, now I feel I can rejoin society and not hide under my sheets. Needless to say it has been a week spent trying to recover from the phenomenon of the summer cold.  Hopefully I can get out and about soon enough when this cold runs its course.  And since Texas heat is flirting with a few raindrops, our immune systems are quite confused. So when my energy spikes to a semi-normal level, it comes in bursts, and it becomes a mad dash to get prepared for our anniversary weekend…from list making and planning, prepping and packing to figuring out the details to escape and enjoy each other (and Mister Emory) away from our west side scenery.

  And so, this is what I wore today…after all it is an Lost In Drawers outfit post!  I purchased this vintage dress at…wait for it…Goodwill.  Not just any old Goodwill, but our Goodwill of choice.  This was another dress that Bo didn’t favor at first…not that he really has a say on my clothing..lets be honest! *wink*…but I won him over, all by throwing on a simple belt and a favorite cardigan.   Now when does this weekend begin proper? Anyone…anyone?

Outfit Details: Vintage Dress-Goodwill, Cardigan-thrifted, Vintage side bag-Thrift Town, Seltzer Bottle Brooch Pin- Montgomery Antiques, Platforms-Target