Second Wedding Anniversary

by lostindrawers

Our actual wedding anniversary is August 15, but we will be away enjoying some time alone without the distractions of doing the business of the internet.

Some thoughts.

There is something about time that is hard to put into words.  On Lost in Drawers, we have written at length about life with all its grand adventures and blunt challenges.  Less written is the concept of time, how it affects us in ways we cannot imagine – how it flows too quickly and then downshifts into seasons of moving slow like the sun across the arc of the sky.  We have been married now for two years and the time together has been like this, both fast and slow. Year one was much about physically movement in an effort to define space and direction. This seemed to really feel heavy and yet move like it was light.  It was fast, a sprint towards a decision (moving back to Fort Worth) and followed by months of static waiting (on Bo’s job situation) and soon year one was writing its conclusion and year two was knocking on our doorstep.

It would be easy to write a flowering description of the ways we love each other.  This is expected by our culture, whether you or Hallmark is doing the writing.  The fact is that we do love each other, more now than ever after two years of overcome hurdles we never expected.  This year has been one of changing perspectives, both relationally between us and towards those around us, to our understanding of God, religion and the walls in which we attempt to define such heady ideas and how a new life can teach you so much about what you value and how you see the world.  We bought some new reading material in conjunction with our anniversary and they are appropriately titled Crazy Love (Francis Chan) and A Million Miles In A Thousand Years (Donald Miller).  In Miller’s book, he talks at length (so far at least) about how to live a good story.  And to do this, we will find that “joy costs pain.”  For us, this year has been so rewarding (one example would be our puppy Emory) and at time, painful (as in the letting go of a home church to seek out what our hearts’ were tugging us in). It is hard to maintain the conscious thought of seeking joy when life is more focused on dealing pain your way.

We have left behind much, and gained some yet there are moments when we are human and the balance is neither readily felt nor achieved.  The people we have lost to busy lives or unknown reasons, the reexamination of roles in family dynamics, the addition of a very expressive puppy to our home and hearts and the hope for a brighter day have fundamentally changed us.  We are both more worldly wise, guarded of our three little selves, at times skeptical and driven by a passion to make a difference in both business and with love to others.  We are both ready for a new season in year three, where the struggle and growing pains of year two transform into a joy truly unspeakable and full of a better life. That is the heart song that is fueled by the love we share.  Here’s to a transformative hope and a bright new year of us and Lost in Drawers.


Bo & Heather Liles

Postscript: Here is where we got married, two years ago under a very large oak tree at Bo’s parents house.  We returned last year to take our first anniversary pictures and we again came back to this place with Emory in tow as we feel this chapter, while rapidly winding up, has not quite closed.  It’s a beautiful place and a reminder of the day two became one.