Emory’s Manhood

by lostindrawers

It’s an odd thing to talk about a dog’s entrance into manhood (or is it from puppyhood to doghood?) as he is a year old now and tomorrow he will cross over from a young pup into the life an adult dog…he is getting neutered.  The very thing that we think as a marker for manhood is the thing all adult dogs don’t have (if they are to live long healthy adult lives).  We don’t thrill at the thought of our little joy having to have surgery and it is very possible that he will respond to the post-surgery recovery better than our emotions will.  We love him that much.  The new bed is prepped, the crate has been made into a womb-like cave and many treats have been purchased to make his recovery easier physically and emotionally.  The goal is for his initial disdain for us to be as minimal as possible.  So prayers have and are going up…please say one for him as we chronicle our weekend of home care and parental spoiling of Mister Emory Holden Liles.