The Cone of Shame

by lostindrawers

Poor, poor Emory…while we know the benefits of the procedure our little sailor had done, it is no easier to see him go through the recovery process.  To one degree or another, we have been stuck in the house all weekend.  It is not an easy to accomplish this feat, as boredom wants to set in quickly.  Luckily, Heather’s family…the Brooks…came in bearing wonderful things wrapped in tissue paper and the best casserole when we are all housebound.  Add in yeast rolls, Italian soda and frozen yogurt…the night got a lot better and the weekend more hopeful.  Family is so important, and we are grateful for every good moment.

And so Emory is rocking his neck apparatus, and debates with himself whether he likes it or not. But he is sleeping  now, and we are one day closer to breaking out the toys and the evenings of running and playing about the house. But come on, aren’t these pictures adorable and yet break your heart?  We say yes.