The Great Fort Worth Food Truck Race!

by lostindrawers

Good golly, this city of ours is growing up before our eyes.  In years past, the idea of the food truck was something most residents of our city either ignored or were downright scared of.  The food truck truly is the stepchild of the food service industry, typically only welcome on construction sites and at marginal street fairs.  But thanks to progressive cities nationwide and exposure of the trend of gourmet trucks via food-centric television, there seems to be a developing race of sorts.

Food trucks are in Fort Worth, and more are arriving each day.  Here we present a handy guide where the movement is and a sneek peak to where it is going (and where you should go).

Salsa Limon – Berry St in the TCU district

Great and quite bold location across from Fuzzy’s Tacos on Berry St.  Serving up their take on Mexico’s wonderful fare of street tacos and tortas among other things. Bo claims he could gain 90 wazillion pounds on this cuisine.

 Ssahm Korean Tacos – truly mobile w/ Wednesday stops at Apple off of University Dr

Based on the style made popular in L.A.’s huge food truck scene, Ssahmn is know for their unique creations and is a welcome new addition (Your Wednesday food plans are now set) to the Fort Worth scene.  If you are the type of person who appreciates tradition balanced against innovation, this is your food truck of choice.

Il Cane Rosso – Thursday evenings in front of Times Ten Cellars in so7

We are going to bet you’ve never had or even seen pizza prepared from a trailer, but now you can prove us wrong.  Fort Worth is a haven for wood fired pizza, we both love Rocco’s and Brix and now you can have it on the go when this great pizzeria on wheels. Seriously, do we ever have to cook again?

 Red Jett Sweets – Coming soon!

Okay, Lost In Drawers is all about a sweet treat.  Redd Jett Sweets is adding a truck to their rapidly rising catering business and we could not be more thrilled about this.  Because everyone needs a sweet finish to their taco/burger/hot dog/sandwhich entree.  Well, at least we do.

Taco Heads – Behind 7th Haven off of W. 7th

The first truck to park it on W. 7th (to our knowledge and eyeballs) Taco Heads has a simple menu of super fresh and well-seasoned and spiced street tacos with gourmet preperation.   And thus, their standard has led the way for a lot of what you see happening west of downtown.

Good Karma Kitchen – Coming Soon!

Don’t worry our vegetarian and vegan friends!  Good Karma is almost here to keep your love of fresh vegetarian and vegan satisfied!  Promised to be coming soo, we are really stoked to see true culinary diversity  in a truck not centered just around meat.  We all need more veggies, and what better way than to get it from a truck!

Enticed Gourmet Shaved Ice – various, now including Fort Worth!

Umm, yes please.  This has been a long time coming as shaved ice is the king of all the ice + syrup treats.  Enticed is a Dallas-based operation but Fort Worth’s food truck scene called and Enticed is now heading our way.  It is still hot, so you bet you will want to keep up with their Fort Worth location stops.  Your sense of happiness will thank you.

This by no means is a comprehensive list, Fort Worth has and is getting a lot more trucks than this – a food truck park/meet-up spot is in the works – we hope that, like us, you will get out there and eat mobile!  We hope to catch you in line sometime soon.  We’re sure Bo will debate salsas or how best to cook pork with you…well, until Heather tells him to pipe down and leave the hungry crowd to salivating for all things food trucc cuisine.

Photos courtesy of Google Images