Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

Back to basics. I believe I have said before how hard it is to find basic clothing items that strike a balance of fashionable and functional.  And it became apparent that I don’t have as many as one might assume. I do love things that I can wear over and over again in addition to wearing them many different ways. Typically, I tend to go for things that I can’t really wear too many times. So, I picked up this simple and pretty olive skirt and with this popcorn sweater I’m trying on my own to usher Fall in. No matter that it was very sheer, in this weather it was still very hot. Speaking of hot, we decided to beat the heat this evening and check out our new H&M in the Dallas area.  Honestly, I was somewhat surprised of the amount of basics they had with standard fits.  H&M often times will have some pieces that are a little more edgy.  But basics are good, and while I can’t really wear the large amount of fall items they had out…it’s good to have them here in town.  But hey, there is a lot of good shopping out there if you are willing to do a little digging.  That’s were the fun is at.


Outfit Description: Sweater-XX1, Olive Skater Skirt-Heritage 81, Booties-XX1, Red Lip- Coral Revlon