Up and at ‘Em

by lostindrawers

First off, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the east coast who are facing down Irene and who will need the grace of God to help them in the hours and days to come.  We send you our love and support, so be safe!

It’s amazing how much a Saturday can bring when you find yourself up and out of the house at 9:30am.  Who knew you could wake up, get ready…really get ready, with your husband in a nice shirt that he had time to iron and get out the door to have one’s eyes checked.  It turns out, my poor little eyeballs are swollen and I needed to get new, clear contacts with a new prescription and well, it’s time to add prescription glasses for the weekends.  Good-Bye green eyes! That accomplished and my order in, we found that we had a full day to get so many things accomplished.  We were able to finally run down a perfect gift for our favorite little robot-loving 3 year old birthday girl, Miss Lila Grace (Jennifer & Jason, her cuteness is unmatched!) along with the always needed balloon.  And who doesn’t love robot cake pops?  We sure do.  That made their house very popular with us.  We trolled for some junk and treasures,  eventually scored some $5 shoes for the both of us.  And why did we need shoes?

Because I was wearing this outfit, a vintage blue dress from Buffalo Exchange and heeled ankle boots that evidently need some more breaking in…or just not to be errand running shoes.  A quick detour and cheap cute shoes were found to save the day.  And the bonus was, despite it’s demise, Borders produced Jay Bakker‘s new book Fall To Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society as well as another edition of Alice In Wonderland. And all this well before the dinner hour.

A good Saturday indeed.


Outfit Description: Vintage Dress-Buffalo Exchange, Booties-xx1, Catframe Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange, Red Lip-Revlon Coral