Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

It’s was a Sunday kind of day today, meaning a classic lunch & time with family, naps and coupon clipping, grocery shopping in an attempt to further eating better and chores galore.  This week is shaping up to be a busy one, with Emory having a follow-up vet visit post-surgery, laundry, dreaming of trips to Cracker Barrel with their magical double fudge Coca-Cola chocolate cake,  picking out eye glasses, cleaning,  and if we can stand to fit it in…the movies.  Needless, to say, a few more hours in each day would be helpful.  But in the words of our friend Leo Lewis…we sail on.

Oh, by the way, this is what I wore.  Since it is an outfit post, of course.  The heat is still so unbearable and we both kind of wish we didn’t have to wear clothes. When it’s this hot, why is that not socially acceptable?  Anyway, I wear these particular shoes too much, I’m wearing a blouse that is probably is suppose to be worn as a bare midriff top but it works for me as I wear my skirts fairly high waisted. Then just add a full pleated skirt and a summer Sunday outfit is born.

Why so serious in these pictures?  I do promise that I am happy, and while we are promising…I promise I do smile with my teeth. I blame the sun and heat, it makes one want to live in an igloo waaaay up north. But we grin and bear it and know that better weathers and prettier days are ahead.  Here’s to a new a week, cheers!


Outfit Description: Blouse-Buffalo Exchange, Vintage Skirt-Waxahachie Antique Mall, Booties-Buffalo Exchange