Free Crappy Portraits

by lostindrawers

We are Bo, Heather and Emory: a husband/wife and puppy family. Heather loves vintage clothing and flag bunting with a passion, Bo is a writer and loves riding his bicycle, and Emory (our little Pomeranian puppy) is a a huge fan of cheese and bow ties. We adore our lovely city of Fort Worth, Texas. We also love double dipped ice cream cones, our record player, photography and bicycle riding!

What is better than a portrait that you don’t have to draw yourself?  How about a portrait from Free Crappy Portraits?  Why yes please, because life is way to short to take oneself too serious and well, these are just awesome.  It’s just that easy, you give them an image and some keywords, and if you are fortunate…you get yourself your own Free Crappy Portrait. And there is no better way to celebrate Emory’s summer than something that puts a collective smile on the Liles’ household faces.

Good show, indeed.

The Liles