Fella’s do make passes at Ladies who wear glasses

by lostindrawers

See that girl, that young nerdy little girl, wearing her round metal frames. I didn’t know any better, but my mother, oh she knew better than to let me wear those glasses. (That first photo was when I was Principal for the day at my elementary school. I read A LOT of books to be able to eat donuts, make the morning announcements, and have the honor of walking  the halls in a sash! ) That was the last time I wore actual eyeglasses.  Thinking back, the last time I had glasses I was in 7th grade, and they broke and I never went back. Well, I finally did it. I purchased glasses after many, many years of contacts. My amazingly nice ophthalmologist scared (i.e. gave me a good talking to) me into ordering a pair because of so much internal pressure on my eyes and the only relief is to give my contacts a needed break.

Turns out, picking out frames when you haven’t had them in years is much harder than it looks. It took me many hours and loads of indecisiveness to finally decide on a pair. First, when I started out I wanted black, which gave way to a nice tortoise shell color and yet, I eventually I chose a grey pair that give me some of both worlds: Drink the Kool-Aid from BonLook who donate a portion of their profits to Helen Keller International.  I debated a lot of looks, colors and brands and in the end…these made me smile and confident that I will a) not break them and, b) I will stay true to my motto of always trusting what makes me smile at first glance.  I am excited for the days ahead, looking for a little box to show up on our doorstep.

Here’s to new beginnings!

P.S. Also, Warby Parker is still on our radar for future frames for Bo, that boy needs a new pair!