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Month: September, 2011

This Is What We Are Doing This Weekend

Outfit Post

Ummm…hellooooo  Autumn!  So very nice to meet you again.  The warm sunny day gave way to a fall-ish evening and it was so beautiful.  Like B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.  The butterflies were in full force at our nearby Botanic Gardens, the leaves are starting to change..slowly but surely.  Seriously if you haven’t been in awhile…go and enjoy the butterflies, bread & butter-flies, rocking-horse- flies and the flowers that sing.  What you haven’t seen that before…well go to the gardens, it’s a Wonderland for sure.

As fall is taking its precious time getting here, my style is adapting well.  This is what I wore today…simple, simple, simple. Did I mention comfortable?  I have had this blouse for like a month not to mention a skirt that I recently bought, and I haven’t worn it!  What is wrong with me?  I’ve been living in jean cut-offs and a sheer blouse, so its nice to get out of that ensemble and into something even more comfortable.

 I’ve been into finding the perfect sprinkles…not the cupcakes from Sprinkles…but ice cream sprinkles.  Summer may be coming to a close, but as missions go  nothing makes a great sweet treat even better than sprinkles.  So as I find them, Braum’s doesn’t carry them  I report back, because nostalgia is something we all need as we head towards the ultimate traditions of the holiday season.

Hi there, Halloween!?

Outfit Post

Does anyone else have as much trouble as we do trying to find something new and exciting to eat?  We tend to eat at home a lot, but sometimes it’s nice to go out and try something new.  Fort Worth has a plethora of places to eat, but we tend to go to the same places over and over and over again. (As you have probably noticed, and if you have been reading our blog for a while, we have been LOVING Cracker Barrel)

So we tried a new place….Picchi Pacchi, an Italian Pizzeria that we have bypassed a hundred times on Main Street downtown.  Turns out, New York pizza can be found in the Panther City.  Crispy yet chewy crust, creamy cheese and hearty toppings on slices the size of your face.  Amazing. Check it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It might be our favorite of all the pizzas in the city. Go give it a try, see what you think!

We were on our way out to go to dinner downtown and we snapped a few iPhone pictures.  While I threw on some clothes, the best discovery was actually the blouse I’ve pretty much been wearing all weekend and now into the week. It’s comfy and sheer and goes with a lot! Here it what I wore!


Outfit Description: Sheer Blouse-Forever 21, Vintage Corduroy Skirt- Goodwill, Booties-xx1

Beauty DIY: Faux French Tips

Who doesn’t love a D.I.Y. nail tutorial and I found this little gem on the blog The Skinny. It looks super easy and you most likely have all of the things it calls for already in your home!

All Photos and Content from The Skinny

YOU’LL NEED: two pastels shades of nail polish (we used Love & Beauty nail polish in  Lavender Matte Finish and Baby Girl, $2.80 each), a sheer topcoat (Love & Beauty Clearly Clear, $2.80) and Scotch tape. We suggest the type of tape that’s matte on it’s non-sticky side, it’s much easier to use.

1. Paint your nails the day before you start this little beauty DIY. Since we’ll be putting tape over your painted nails, making sure they’re dry is key. We learned this the hard way, pulling off our nail polish along with the tape on the first attempt. 2. (Above left) Precut some 2″ tape strips and start sticking them onto your nails, leaving a margin the width of your desired French tip. 3. (Above right) Once all your tips are taped, go over them with a single coat of your second color. Wait until they’re totally dry to pull off the tape!

4. Finish up with a coat of clear topcoat to seal in your new manicure and even up your nails.

Ta da!

Until Next Time, Mr. Peppermint

Mr. Peppermint was vital to my mornings during my growing years. I remember watching it every time I came to my grandmother’s house  in the DFW area and I recall how much Mr. Peppermint was comforting to me.  I always wanted him to be my adopted grandfather (thought I have a pretty rad grand-pa already). He was always someone you could imagine around in the best version of your life that you could dream up.  I will treasure him always, for he was apart of the list of influences that helped me develop creatively and dream about life and everything that is nice in the world.  So I hope to see you again Mr. Peppermint, in a place where we can be friends.


Rest in Peace

Junkin’ for Joy

…..Or so the the Estase Sale sign said. We did a lot of junking in Crockett (where my parents live) this weekend. We found a lot of treasures. I found this nice little vintage dress (that even my Mother loved, shocker!) lamps, shoes, framed prints, bow ties and enough that we could have filled the car to the brim if we had chosen.

This was the first time Bailey and Emory finally got to spend serious quality time and we were able to snap a few pics of them hanging out in that way that only Pomeranians can, having a chat on vintage chairs of course. It was sad to separate them as you can see brother and sister were best friends the whole weekend. Many, many more meetups will be happening in the future..speaking of future is it Christmas time yet?

Antique dreams and puppy dog tails,


Happy 55, Old Man!

Well, in our world, a birthday is special, important to the point that a party is in order for any age.  And since it is Michael’s 55th (Heather’s dad), there was no better way than for us to drive to east Texas and have a surprise party.  Michael, and all of us, are lucky that Nancy is an amazing planner.  So, hello Fiesta in September!  It was a full house, Michael and Nancy, us, the brothers and the puppies (Emory, and his much older sister Bailey) all there to don amazing mustaches and eat and drink well into the evening!  The weather was nice, the conversation was lovely, and the birthday was a success.  The next day was a success as we hit up some estate sales and scored a few things, and spent more quality time before hitting the road…Bon Iver on the stereo, and the lights flashing by along the interstate.  Family is so important, and here is to a great year for Michael and for all of us.

Now, can fall/autumn actually settle in and stay for the year?

Adieu, summer…adieu,

Bo & Heather

Outfit Post

It was the day of all thrift days today! It was 50% off at all Goodwill store!  So I headed over to our favorite Fort Worth Goodwill to make my way around the crowds and hopefully find some gems.  And gems I did find such as this great print dress (which is actually a maternity dress with the loveliest collar..shh don’t tell) in the pictures below. It was well worth the lines to get an armful of great items for mere pennies. But the day didn’t stop after work, Bo and I headed over to Thrift Town in North Fort Worth near North Richland Hills looking for Halloween inspiration and came away with vintage pieces that make fall a reality in my closet.  Add in some good BBQ and Blue Bell ice cream and you have the makings of a great night.  Some days things Fall one’s way…see..see what I did there..a pun, a Fall pun!

P.S. Some extra instagram fun for your viewing pleasure!

Outfit Description: Vintage Dress- Goodwill, Mustard Cardigan-xx1, Booties-xx1, Vintage Bag-Buffalo Exchange

and a little something we are working on….

Blog Love in the Panther City…Fort Worth- Part 7

A little blog love in the Panther City that is a bit more close to home (literally).  If you know anything about Bo Liles, you would know what an good writer he is (I’m biased as his wife)…he started a sister blog to our own Lost in Drawers by the name of Voodoo Heart.  If you have the time please do check it out and maybe think on some new things, and challenge him, comment, disagree with him…love him..I do all of these things and he still loves me! http://voodooheart.wordpress.com/ for frequent essays and thoughts on Christian Spirituality, culture, theology, art & creativity, relationships and what it means to navigate this life. Check it out, won’t you please!?!


Outfit Post

If you live in the DFW area, wasn’t today’s weather magically good?  It was so good that it was maybe too good.  As in, do you you ever have one of those days where you thought you were going to get quite a bit of work done, but nothing seemed to pan out?  Regardless, it was a perfect for a Monday (evening) day date.

So being an outfit post… this is what I wore today, I found what might be my favorite new vintage dress at Haltom Thrift store (our new favorite thrift store, If you havent been go, go, go!) The dress is a perfect transitioning piece for the ever changing weather.  And with every week, the holidays slowly grow closer and with it, all the sweet treats and deliciousness. I like treats too much? Never!

Thus, here’s to counting down the days until The Cupcakery opens downtown,



Outfit Details: Vintage Dress-Halthom CIty Thrift, Sweater- xx1, Booties-xx1, Vintage Hat-Husbands