Step Right Up

by lostindrawers

It’s a carnival birthday!  No doubt  you know by now Heather is turning 27 this week, (and I get the pleasure of writing all of the posts as she needed a much needed break) and what better way to celebrate and make her not feel any older than to create your own carnival and a small gathering of family.  All credit in the world to Nancy Brooks who knows how to throw an amazing party.  The carnival came to town, and with it, hot dogs, popcorn, old time soda pop, lemonade, cupcakes, candy and wait for it…cotton candy.  Heather is now the proud owner of a cotton candy machine!  There were carnival games and noisemakers, silly outfits, and family.  Thanks to the Omni Hotel Fort Worth, we enjoyed an amazing view from the 15th floor and celebrated in style.  And even though Heather loves all things retro she has stepped out of the 1900’s and was met with iPhone technology, and then the night arrived and we were able to finally try Tillman’s Roadhouse on West 7th, where we noshed on amazing fries, fried pickles, burgers and cheviche.  But truth be told, we went there for the Tableside S’Mores.  Yes, homemade graham crackers, homemade chocolate and a trio of homemade orange, mocha and maple marshmallows…all toasted over an open flame.  A-MAZING.  Candles blown out, a balcony after party and this carnival birthday was, well to be honest, pretty perfect. All this and her birthday is Wednesday! She is very much loved.

Did you want to see some pictures oh a few nerdy people? I bet you just did!