Happy 27th Birthday…

by lostindrawers

Ever had a dream that felt like a life story?  One that was a movie, a three act play and never a single scene.  In such a dream you get to see progression, you see growth, you see the world as you want it.  It is a vision that can run the spectrum of emotions and experiences – it happens in both a lifetime and split second.  Such a dream is rare and perfect.

And such is my life with my wife, Heather.  She is the dream I have been waiting my whole life for.  She is that dream one never wants to end.  When we met, I had been waiting, in the words of the song, 29 years before I saw (her).  I never thought I would find such a woman, who is at ease with herself, who is honest, who is passionate, who is loyal, who is creative, who is hilarious, who is adventurous and who is absolutely beautiful.  Three years into our story, I am learning new and wonderful things about her every day, I am challenging myself to be the man and husband to match her as the woman and wife I lucked into marrying.  She is my world as well as my doorway to a life I never thought I could have.  She is everything a person is looking for in a companion, and for you all a friend to have.  She is my love, my lover, my muse, my friend, my counsel, my business partner, my wife and my dream come true.

In a word, a dream…my dream.  Perfect. Wonderful.