Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

Well, our little Volvo (Cherry as we call her) got a little ill and needed to go to the repair shop. So Bo got to come home somewhat early and we packed a full day of fun into an evening of car-free streets (for us anyway) and perfect weather.  There is something about not having a car as an option. We found some bike appropriate clothing (none of which involved spandex) and strapped Emory into his bicycle basket and headed out for a short ride & stroll. You try out a small new burger joint( Your Way Burger) in the neighborhood.  Burgers, shoestring fries, and sodas hit the spot, and we maneuvered amongst the oblivious cars, and ended up finding good walls and pretty views in the area. Plus a little surprise Central Market has their French Macaroons back!  And that is worth not having a car any day.

And this is what I wore, on our little neighborhood adventure…