Clara Bow

by lostindrawers

Hello dear readers, I would like to introduce you Clara Bow! We picked her up on Friday and it was love at first sight. I had some birthday money in hand and had a feeling I might find her, and find her I did. Though we did have to customize her just a tad, something that secretly made my husband quite happy as he raced to get his bicycle toolkit and various bottles of ominous looking liquids (why he has these, I don’t know).  She is a single speed cruiser for nice and easy riding about town, and is every bit fitting of her name.  We like to name things, as if you couldn’t tell.  She is a sweet addition to our stable of bikes and I am so happy she came home with us. (and yes my baby blue bicycle, Little Edie, is still my pride and joy too!)

Today the sun was bright and we thought it was no better time than now to head out to visit The Antique Emporium & Tea Room where our good friend Val has a wonderful booth, with so many good things to buy (and buy you should) and of course, Val happened to be there and we left with armloads of amazing things. Check the Fort Worth felt pennant and the mustached man mug (w/ashtray hat!).  And of course, Beckett the Wonder Dog was there with her, which was a bonus that made us both so happy (and wondering what Emory would do with a housemate).  But the score of the day was a booth with an amazing vintage table in a wonderful shade of blue that will be in ours very soon. Head to North Richland Hills and check out Val’s booth full of amazing treasure, you will NOT be disappointed !

The evening came in time, and the bikes were rolled out and a neighborhood ride for our little family capped of a great day of simple pleasures and smiles for days.