Glasses, Glasses, Glasses

by lostindrawers

Well, here we are again.  These are my second pair of eyeglasses from BonLook.  It’s almost comical at this point.  Every pair seems to have an issue.  Ordering eyewear online has officially has become difficult.  So let it be a lesson to all of you who desire fashionable frames…you will need to to jump through firey hoops before you will get a set that will work.  You need your glasses prescription, but wait…you need to know your pupil distance (PD).  Oh, and before you send off that order…you will have to know your optical center (OC)?  Yes it turns out online optical companies use a generic OC, so it means those stylish frames you want…probably, like mine, have a disorienting coke bottle visual effect.  Well, it turns out I am going to have to buy frames and have a local company fit lenses to them.  Oh, the drama…oh, the weeks on end of shipping and ordering.  Oh, well.  These are the glasses I loved, now they have to go back..and the search continues!

Ya live ya learn.