Happy 55, Old Man!

by lostindrawers

Well, in our world, a birthday is special, important to the point that a party is in order for any age.  And since it is Michael’s 55th (Heather’s dad), there was no better way than for us to drive to east Texas and have a surprise party.  Michael, and all of us, are lucky that Nancy is an amazing planner.  So, hello Fiesta in September!  It was a full house, Michael and Nancy, us, the brothers and the puppies (Emory, and his much older sister Bailey) all there to don amazing mustaches and eat and drink well into the evening!  The weather was nice, the conversation was lovely, and the birthday was a success.  The next day was a success as we hit up some estate sales and scored a few things, and spent more quality time before hitting the road…Bon Iver on the stereo, and the lights flashing by along the interstate.  Family is so important, and here is to a great year for Michael and for all of us.

Now, can fall/autumn actually settle in and stay for the year?

Adieu, summer…adieu,

Bo & Heather