Junkin’ for Joy

by lostindrawers

…..Or so the the Estase Sale sign said. We did a lot of junking in Crockett (where my parents live) this weekend. We found a lot of treasures. I found this nice little vintage dress (that even my Mother loved, shocker!) lamps, shoes, framed prints, bow ties and enough that we could have filled the car to the brim if we had chosen.

This was the first time Bailey and Emory finally got to spend serious quality time and we were able to snap a few pics of them hanging out in that way that only Pomeranians can, having a chat on vintage chairs of course. It was sad to separate them as you can see brother and sister were best friends the whole weekend. Many, many more meetups will be happening in the future..speaking of future is it Christmas time yet?

Antique dreams and puppy dog tails,