Beauty DIY: Faux French Tips

by lostindrawers

Who doesn’t love a D.I.Y. nail tutorial and I found this little gem on the blog The Skinny. It looks super easy and you most likely have all of the things it calls for already in your home!

All Photos and Content from The Skinny

YOU’LL NEED: two pastels shades of nail polish (we used Love & Beauty nail polish in  Lavender Matte Finish and Baby Girl, $2.80 each), a sheer topcoat (Love & Beauty Clearly Clear, $2.80) and Scotch tape. We suggest the type of tape that’s matte on it’s non-sticky side, it’s much easier to use.

1. Paint your nails the day before you start this little beauty DIY. Since we’ll be putting tape over your painted nails, making sure they’re dry is key. We learned this the hard way, pulling off our nail polish along with the tape on the first attempt. 2. (Above left) Precut some 2″ tape strips and start sticking them onto your nails, leaving a margin the width of your desired French tip. 3. (Above right) Once all your tips are taped, go over them with a single coat of your second color. Wait until they’re totally dry to pull off the tape!

4. Finish up with a coat of clear topcoat to seal in your new manicure and even up your nails.

Ta da!