by lostindrawers

Sometimes something is so important to talk about, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t glamorous or cheery.  Necessary topics need a voice, because change only happens when we speak out.

If there is anything we are outspoken about, it is our passion for talking about the serious need for more awareness for the problem of the domestic violence epidemic that is plaguing our world. Nothing signals our brokenness more as human beings than our addiction to the cycle of violence and pain – from the abusers to those who feel as if they have no hope as victims.

There is hope…because Heather’s story is hope realized.  Growing up, her world was exposed – early and often – to abuse of the  extreme physical, emotional, mental and verbal varieties.  It was not pleasant.  We have discussed that we have been in relationships in the past that followed a pattern where people have attempted to manipulate us.  And understanding relationships better, learning not  to manipulate others. But for Heather – we jotted down how she knows now that “I had an example in my mother who the strongest, most courageous person I know…who refused to keep the two of us in any situation that would endanger us and got out.  And because she got us out, and we endured nights in the shelter and time just scraping by, we made it.  We were always going to.”  This is one example of what happens when action overcomes felt aggression, love for each other wins over forced fear and how no one is helpless or alone.

We are still here, all of us…and we need to choose a love that cast out fear and abuse.  So never stay in a situation where you feel threatened, never let anyone encroach on your body rights, never believe anything other than you are loved and your life is worth more than you know.  You are loved.  In addition, if you know of someone in an abusive relationship or situation, do not stay silent…nothing is more unjust than silence when only action will do.

Heather & Bo