Log Cabin Village-Fort Worth, Texas

by lostindrawers

If you have read our blog for any amount of time, you would know how much we looooove all things old, retro, vintage and antique. This isn’t our first time to explore the historic Log Cabin Village here in Fort Worth. Every time we go back to some place we enjoyed before, we tend to discover so much more than before. Today it was all about an encounter with one of the reenactors which was unique because we got some insie and hands on demonstrations about textiles and construction of garments on the wild west pioneer. It was so cool to learn more about how different but how genius people were back then.

Then it was onto Operation Cookie Time.  We bagged, tagged and delivered many sets of cookies and almost met our goal…tomorrow we will wrap things up and begin planning our next adventure into spreading kindness across DFW.  It is a great thing to give.  You can’t ask for much more to begin to a new week.