by lostindrawers

I’ve been doing a little bit of research for my Halloween costume, an iconic look I have coveted for some time.  Here is a great summary of the film, and Anna Karina in the title role:

Released in 1967, this was the first color film made for French TV. Starring Anna Karina (of Jean-Luc Godard film fame), Marianne Faithfull (who sings one song) & Serge Gainsbourg (who also wrote the amazing music). Anna is a bizarre pop art/comedy/musical filled with bright vibrant colors, strange, hallucinatory scenes and some of the best songs Serge ever wrote. The story is about a man obsessively looking for a woman he saw in a photograph. A truly charming and entertaining movie that every Gainsbourg fan should see.

Mod Cinema


*All screen shots taken by Lost in Drawers