Lee’s Grilled Cheese

by lostindrawers

We have spoken at length about the emerging food truck scene here in Fort Worth, but it was overdue that we moved beyond tacos and got to what is important in comfort food – the grilled cheese.  Nothing says comfort, fall or happiness like a grilled cheese and soup.  So, when it was announced that Lee was launching Lee’s Grilled Cheese (yes, that is his real name) there were two ecstatic residents here on  the west side.  I have a three day weekend so we got it started by checking it out at Avoca Coffee over off Magnolia Ave.  How was it?  Well, Lee’s is worth it.

 Heather, went classic – American cheese, no frills and it was perfectly cooked and of really good quality…creamy, buttery and with crunch.  Did I mention the tomato soup?  Well, bread/butter/American cheese is just not special without creamy, rich perfect tomato soup.  Lee’s delivered 100%.  I couldn’t help myself and went with sharp cheddar with pulled pork barbeque. So, Fort Worth – go get your Lee’s right now Mondays and Thursdays (and this Saturday at Arts Goggle!) on Magnolia Avenue!

The day has slid into a late evening nicely, from grilled cheese to a Central Market run to frozen yogurt and a lot of VH1 goodness.  Life is good the better the weather goes!

Bo & Heather

P.S. Once again our camera is still out…and we have iphone pictures…apologies!