Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers

by lostindrawers

One of the increasingly pleasant things about our city is the rise of festivals, fairs, sidewalk sales and events of many types.  Arts Goggle has been around for sometime, but this is our first year to go together.  We joined up with the wonderful Katie Rios and begin with the nice turnout of artists and craft lovers at the street fair going on on Park Place & 8th Avenue where we found the great booths by Coco & Cocoa, Robot Pop.  You can check them both out the Cowtown Indie Bazaar next weekend!  We headed over to Magnolia Avenue, which we love, for the bulk of the action…many of the great businesses were featuring art and handmade goods of all sorts.  We were very very excited to see our buddy Karolina Phillips’ new work that was on display at the show put on by the Piranha Bear Collective at the soon coming Live Oak Music Hall.  A lot of great work there.  And we weaved through the crowds as bands began to play in parking lots and venues alike. Avoca Coffee had our new favorite, Lee’s Grilled Cheese as well as well as Crazy Sisters Gourmet FoodsYes! Tacos were also parked on Magnolia, which was good to see.  Food trucks are a much more natural fit on Magnolia, in our opinion.  Mexican Cokes in hand, we got to see the best street in the city in the way it ought to be…alive and full of people enjoying the best our city has to offer.