Lost In Drawers

by lostindrawers

We really love blogging. The question we constantly ask ourselves is: what does blogging mean to us?

The fact is that we live our life together intentionally.  We know how precious and how each day is a gift, so we best take advantage of every moment that presents itself.  We really like to go out and enjoy our city, and reporting back about the going-ons around town is something that we hope shows others that we live in a great place that we should all enjoy.

Blogging is something that offers a window into life.  We so realize that there might be too many posts of Emory, or how it is obvious we appreciate fashion, how we are trying to start a business, or many of the other themes that appear on our blog.  We don’t want things to be too sweet all of the time, but in some cases we feel that blogging should be positive and inspiring rather than indulgent and selfish.  It’s probably true that I take too many pictures of my shoes, and obvious that Bo uses flowery words to the point I have to edit him.  But you know something?  That is us.  I’m sure we can be annoying at times…how many photos of shoes do we need?  And while some times I post the things I wear, sometimes I also wear pajamas and jeans and tee shirts. At other times, Bo makes me really mad and I may cause him frustration as well.  Life is varied and always quite real.

We apologize if the purpose of the blog has ever become redundant or contrived.  We want to be real, and document our life as it happens. We want to share with you of our failures & triumphs, our dreams & goals.  We want to celebrate with you and support things we believe in.  We thank you, our readers, for each time you choose to come along with us on our Lost in Drawers journey.

I have ALWAYS said that this blog is not the reason we do the things we do, but a byproduct of life lived. We do things that end up on our blog, not because of the blog, but because we want to live a life worth remembering.  We are all given some time, I hope we are all making the best of that gift.

I was reading getoffmyinternets and it resonated with me.  One member, tvsociety said:

“While I value photographs because they can capture moments and help solidify memories, I find it pretty sad that for some people, capturing moments has superseded the moments themselves.”

And I whole heartily agree.  We are making the promise to ourselves, to never let the act of blogging ever dictate the rhythm of our life.  For moments are too precious to be reduced to a product for the internet.