Utterly Normal Lazy Sunday

by lostindrawers

These are just little snap shots of a lazy Sunday in the Liles household. We did nothing today!  Post-night out (and up till dawn) for the wedding we attended, we woke late and threw on tee shirts and jeans.  Never minding messy hair, or the laundry needing to be done, dishes to be washed only at the last second, Autumn things needing to be tended to, other things felt…right. Taking Emory on a walk, watching a little football, letting a certain puppy drag out all his toys, naps were taken as baby back ribs were smoked, said ribs were eaten, the late season fall flowers were smelled and admired.

We were boring today; we didn’t eat any pretty sweet treats, we didn’t take showers until 4 pm, we wore regular old boring Sunday clothes, we took the day as it came.  We don’t take these days for granted, nor do we ignore how blessed our life is.  We love our adventures and get aways.  We love our lazy days and simple nights.

There is something perfectly wonderful about an utterly normal lazy Sunday.