little star sweeper

by lostindrawers

There’s a wonderful chill in the air. It may seem as if I talk about the weather (probably) too much.  I apologize…no, really. I do.  As my fellow Texas residents know, the weather here can one day be incredible frustrating, annoying, impossible and then the next day be absolutely lovely and grand. Bu that’s the way it goes some times, and today it was the latter…autumn seems to be making an appearance.

I did get to wear my second new vintage coat and a splash of color.  Now that I have, of course I will go back to all things neutral, black and white. I just had to get the sherbert colors out of the way now. These are a few quick pics at home, as we have been homebodies as of late.  And since the weather is trying to turn, Emory was ready to get his quite manly puppy sweaters down, something that seems to give him extra energy and speed. Because…he ran. all. over. our backyard.  As it has been pouring down rain the last couple of days, our grass is a vibrant green and too high and I think it gave him superpowers. All this after it was dead all summer, so we haven’t wanted or to or had a real reason to mow it. Yet, now one side is so tall it actually hissed at me the other morning!  I can not tell a lie! Or maybe it was the 30 feral cats that dominate the alleys.  Let hope they are in a free jazz band? Who knows, eh?

This weather makes me leap in my heart with anticipation for the next few months. Both Bo and I are very excited for the approaching holidays, we can’t stop talking about it.  I can taste the wassail, smell the apple cinnamon throughout the house and taste the s’mores.  Speaking of s’mores, we might just have to have a s’more date tomorrow.


Outfit Description: Coral Sweater-Buffalo Exchange, Skirt-xx1, Vintage Jacket-Thrift Town, Booties-Buffalo Exchange