Spirit Day, October 20

by lostindrawers

Today, it was a day to wear purple.  We wear purple in solidarity on Spirit Day 2011 for all our LGBT friends, because we feel it is not acceptable for anyone anywhere to be bullied because of who they are, no matter what race, gender, background, sexual orientation or any other beautiful part of themselves.  We love you all!

Bo wrote an article for our LGBT friends over at Voodoo Heart

Even better, we went out and about in purple to the park and took Emory to finalize his Halloween costume, get a few treats for him and of course, check out the new Cupcakery in downtown Fort Worth.  Let’s just say Emory got very excited to take an evening stroll downtown – it’s his favorite.  Fall weather is making every day better than imaginable.

Now, how about that State Fair tomorrow?  Yes, please!

Bo & Heather

Outfit Description: Sweater-Heritage 81, Polka Dot Skirt-Buffalo Exchange, Booties-xx1