State Fair Of Texas

by lostindrawers

Well, despite the weather deciding it did not want to feel like fall and rise into the mid-80’s, Autumn in Texas brings the State Fair of Texas and it was overdue that we attend together.  It has been years for both of us.  We are quite fond of nostalgia, and that is what the State Fair is all about.  The sights (more faded than what memory served) and the smells (still exactly as memory served) and the crowds of people…which provide us with our favorite pastime of people watching.  So much to see!

We decided to be green as possible this year, so we boarded the TRE from Fort Worth and headed out to Dallas, where we hoped the free transfer onto the DART and arrived at Fair Park.  No parking hassle, and plenty of off key singing on the train from other passengers to keep us entertained.

The cons of the Fair are apparent from the beginning, primarily how spread out it is, with gaps of space that don’t have much to do.  You do a LOT of walking. In fact, some new innovations in the arena of attractions would do the Fair good.  That, and that the fried food fest that is the fair often is overrated.  But still, there is a lot of goodness here.

We loved the feel of fairs and carnivals, and since this is the biggest one in the U.S. – one gets plenty of that.  Our focus on food took the following course of shared items (because you get to try more and not feel miserable when ya split it all): a Fletcher’s Corny Dog w/ mustard (classic), lemonade (generic), cotton candy (AMAZING), nachos  & an RC (old school), Fried Bubble Gum (over-hyped, kind of weird), churros (finally!!!), fried S’mores (Bo’s favorite) and plenty of water to wash it all down.  The lagoon area offered the best views and best setting, the Footsie Wootsie foot massager chairs were a savior, and so the midway was filling up fast with strollers and our fair day ended as we set off to catch our train…such a lovely concept, btw…and feel grateful for the opportunity to go to cool events, get blessed with extra tickets and to later give back to people in need as we enjoyed much better temperatures while enjoying pizza in Sundance Square with friends and Emory.  Till the next time we venture out to the Fair, well…we do just love spending time in Fort Worth a little too much to pine for Dallas’ scene all of the time.  Thanks State Fair, it was fun – we will be seeing you & Big Texas much later down the road.