Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night.

by lostindrawers

Today’s nasty Autumn weather called for my new vintage red swing jacket. I do believe its pop of color was just want I needed to drive away to the rainy day blues. And speaking of jackets, the last piece of my Halloween costume came in today. My “Anna” is now complete. I did not realize that the research for this costume was going to be pretty intense, and it is kind of silly how much work went into it. But this is what I love, it was fun for me. I’m fairly sure no one will know what or who I am…as it is not an American pop culture reference. Kind of like our Pierrot le Fou costumes last year.  But any holiday that I get to dress up as a Godard girl or Anna Karina character I am all for it. So, it’s time to carve Emory’s pumpkin, don scarves and hats and sweaters and welcome the Great Pumpkin under the harvest moon.

Outfit Description: Cream Sweater-Heritage 81, Vintage Dress(under sweater)-Goodwill, Vintage – Goodwill, Vintage Swing Coat-Thrift Town