Halloween Nails

by lostindrawers

We are getting ready for the Great Pumpkin to arrive in the Liles household. To get in the All HallowsEve spirit, we are eating the rest of our candy corn, watching more Hocus Pocus and Bo is carving Emory’s tiny little pumpkin. To end the night I thought I would share this little tutorial from Moorea-Seal that I tried tonight to go along with my costume for tomorrow night. It’s great fun and very festive!

DIY Vampire Nails

Written Steps:
1.  pick your colors
2.  paint your base color.  this will be the color of tip of your nail (the teeth)
3.  tape the tips of your nails.  (wait for the first layer to dry before applying the tape.)  cut a square of tape and place it on the tip of your nail at an angle.
4.  paint your second color over the top of the first layer and over the tape to create a crisp edge when you peel off the tape.
5.  Let the second color dry completely and then slowly peel off the tape.
6.  If there are any little mess ups, just apply a little paint touch up where needed.
7.  You are finished!
All photos and words via moorea-seal