I have High Hopes for You, November

by lostindrawers

 I’ve worn all of these clothes many, many, many times. Maybe that is the case because they are a part of my favorites, all vintage and/or thrifted items, the button down being the sole exception. So, all that to say that this is what I wore today! It’s been busy around here as we have been deciding what we want our Christmas tree theme is this holiday season that seems to be spreading as a theme throughout the house. The holidays are not a sprint for us, as we start at Halloween and treat it like a nice long stroll all the way through January 2nd. Much fun, many pictures to take and winter clothes to experiment with.

Now fashion and decorating is all fun and good, but the most important thing we did today was give to to Operation Homefront at our local Dollar Tree store, where we were able to ensure that a lot of military kids in need would have a toy or 10 (with your help!) on Christmas. We will be returning weekly till Christmas!  We love the spirit of giving. It just feels right.


Outfit Description: Vintage Jacket-Flea Market, Blouse-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Thrift Town, Vintage Boots-Goodwill