Spit spot! And off we go

by lostindrawers

Hello, HI, salut!

Being this is an outfit post, this is what I wore today. I have worn my hair like this way too often as of late, I probably need to take these booties off, and I JUST got this shirt at Goodwill and cannot seem to take it off. Evidently, when I like something…I like it up real good. Which is to say, always fill your closet with things you love. I have found over the years that the more editing I do, the more creative I feel about trying new things in my wardrobe on days when it clicks. It feels good to have days like that.

And boy, did I like today. Simply put, it was an incredibly good Autumn day. As in, quite spectacular. I got to spend some time with Bo after his class, a little day date if you will.  There is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful and ever-changing, leaves on the trees. We rode around and talked about our dreams for our future and found ourselves loving our city just a little bit more. Learning to put aside the annoying things about one’s environment and embracing the good stuff feels so good. It makes the days when you want run away from it all a little more bearable.

P.S. And if it seems odd, Bo didn’t skip work….he is in class and the commute home was easier than normal.  A nice surprise, indeed!

P.S.S The new Gentlewoman is out…..FANTASTIC, if you ask me.

Outfit Description: Vintage Dress-Goodwill, Blouse-Goodwill, Knee Highs-Hue, Boots-xx1