Remembering Those Who Serve

by lostindrawers

“Give honor to where honor is due.”  In a world so often besieged by politicians and celebrities who risk nothing other than the pursuit of power and fortune, there are those who willingly do that which is necessary for a free society to exist.  On this Veterans’ Day, we here at Lost In Drawers pause to honor those who have served in our nation’s military both in times of peace and war.  We honor them not for what leaders and politicians asked of them, but for their belief and actions that their sacrifice might bring peace to those whom they swore to protect and serve…us.  So, with hope in our hearts that one day, paraphrasing the words of the scriptures, these veterans might be able to “beat their weapons into plowshares” and see that peace they have fought and served for…we honor all those who have lived and died for, loved deeply, served honorably and held up this country of ours.  Have a blessed and peaceful Veteran’s Day.