until all the codes and hearts have been broken and until every anagram and egg has been unscrambled

by lostindrawers

To be honest things have been pretty awfully stressful around our home lately being that the days left in the year are few, providing that we have been homebodies too often lately, so it was a nice moment when I asked Heather what we were to do today and she had an answer on the ready.  Her timing was pretty spot on, as a nice drive would give her plenty of time to peruse the new issue of LULA magazine she received in the mail. Into the wind we went, Emory in tow, to explore old favorites from our brief time as Dallas residents.  It may have been windy, but autumn weather is never a bad thing and White Rock Lake was pretty and full of happy people.  Emory loves exploring new outdoor spaces, and he acted as if swimming might be in order.  But the light was fading, and we had a cupcake waiting.  The best thing about Sprinkles Cupcakes?  The puppy cupcakes.  Emory was excited like it was Christmas, as he proceeded to inhale it.  As if our day was not centered around him enough, a trip to Half Price Books in Dallas were he was petted by every child in sight confirmed it…Emory had taken over our day date.  And why not, he is a lovely part of our life…he makes us laugh every day, he is full of energy and whenever we are stressed out, all it takes his constant desire to cuddle to set the world right.  He is over a year old now, and today was one of those lovely days were we officially got excited about Christmas and all the memories we will make with our little fluff ball, puppy-child. So, as the night descended and we headed back to Fort worth, we put on the Peggy Lee album we found at Half Price, and took deep breaths…life is good, when you keep it all in perspective.  And I think we can often say that we have Emory to thank for that.