Cough, Cough

by lostindrawers

Everything was quite fine this weekend, as we went thrift shopping at one of our favorite spots in Haltom City just north of where we live, got lots of delicious treats at the market, saw an amazing dinosaur…you know just normal occurrences around town. I then began to decline pretty fast with this nasty sinus infection. We have to keep it real, life is often nights in lounge clothes with no makeup, in need of a shower with Kleenex in hand. Neither one of us do well being sick, we both tend to whine at times when fevers and the chest colds set in. God help us if we ever get sick at the same time. But nothing helps feeling bad than homemade chicken soup, bread, chocolate cake and the newest Anthology! It has made the recovery time much easier. Now, its mid-week and its time to begin the holiday plans!  Is it too early to begin putting up the Christmas decorations? No, never!


P.S. Bo took that last photo, I found it later in the morning and I kept it!