We are Ever Thankful for….

by lostindrawers

We are ever Thankful for the freedom to express ourselves, including all the blessings in our lives; we are thankful for: life & breath, our life together w/ all its challenges trials victories & joys, Emory Holden Liles, our families, our home, our employment, our dreams in life & business, our transportation including our car & our stable of bicycles, our worldview, our country, our education & beliefs, our ability to give back to our community, the neighborhoods in Fort Worth that we are in love with, our entire city with all its eccentricities and foodie ways, other favorite cities and places such as New York or DisneyWorld, french macarons, breads and cheeses, chocolate fondue, street tacos, good parks and gardens with rivers and flowers, films and shows it brings to inspire us, music & records & radio that gives us music to dance & sing about the house to, for sunrises & sunsets, for open roads & possibilities, for love always winning, for hope enduring and the God that is moving in all of us, around us and through everything to prove that every single one of us is loved and accepted.  That’s Thanksgiving to us.