The Holidays Have Begun

by lostindrawers

You know, as long as we have lived here in Fort Worth, we have never seen the grand tree downtown being lit. We cut out of the Parade of Lights early last year, and while we have seen the tree already lit every year we have been together, we never saw the countdown. Well, riding a post-Thanksgiving food and amazingly perfect MUPPETS high, we picked up Emory and joined our family downtown, weaving through the crowds post-parade and ended up with a great view of the tree as the crowd began to sing a Fort-Worth version of the 12 Days of Christmas and the 10…9…8 countdown began. The tree was bigger than ever, as beautiful as we had ever seen it and Emory became a huge hit with a lot of the revelers around Sundance Square. It was so much fun to experience our city in a purely joyful mood of the holiday season, and with our family.  Emory was in heaven, exploring the streets and the Omni Hotel.  It was nice to have a fireplace in the lobby so we could get fully immersed in the Christmas spirit! I think Bo was look for some marshmallows to sneak in and toast over the flames?  Thanksgiving was a success, and we do believe Christmas will be even better.

Heather & Bo

P.S. We apologize for being Emory enthusiasts…Lord help us when have a child of our own.