by lostindrawers

I had a grand old time reading this post from Sometimes Sweet! So we thought we would take a swing at these wonderful categories presented there:

Obsessing over: Christmas movies, shows and specials – so thank you to our DVR and Netflix, as it has brought us the original Grinch and the roast beast, Charlie Brown and some wonderful Peanuts dancing, Scott Cooper and his Santa Clause, just to name a few; wassail recipes; Christmas sweet treats; holiday music; and all things Christmas!

Working on: we are deep into business prepping and planning, holiday scheduling and creating; writing all sorts of things and generally reflecting on the year and preparing for an exciting new one!

Thinking about: our future – so often it gets discouraging to see other people seemingly coasting through life with plenty of comforts and such while we have very much struggled while trying to the right things for our little family of three; we continue to pray this new year will bring positive changes and forward progress in a lot of areas of our life.

Anticipating: Christmas Christmas Christmas!  We both adore Christmas (who doesn’t!), and this year Bo has 11 days off so we are going to be traveling and seeing family and generally having a very merry Christmas and happy New year.  We both would pack our bags today, but we have no idea what we will be taking on our adventure.

Listening to: How The Grinch Stole Christmas on ABC Family in the background and the pitter patter of Emory’s little paws running about the house.  This is his second Christmas, and he is such the little big boy or so he thinks.

Drinking: drinks are a big thing in our house: water, coffee, Coca-Cola, hot chocolate, wassail, orange and apple juices, and a rotation of beverages making guest appearances from ginger ale to real ales to juice boxes to mimosas and bellinis.

Wishing: for renewed purpose, our business, rest and health, new environments and healed relationships, new friendships, inspiration, opportunities to give, and chances to to show everyone love just as they are, where they are.