Where Are You Christmas?

by lostindrawers

Man, have we found Christmas. We decided to make this Monday a little Christmas date, well kind of, with a little puppy in tow of course. And we can not lie…he loved every minute of the lights. As soon as we pulled up to the first house which is never topped every year we visit it, his little head popped up and he jumped to rest his paws on the windowsill and his head was on a swivel. And what better way to complement the lights than wassail and Christmas music on the stereo. We headed downtown and took in the tree and were blessed with an opportunity to give.  It really has been a night to be grateful and to release a stressful day.  And so, why not? We made some, let’s call them avant garde, sugar cookies with plenty of icing.  And more wassail, there is always more room for that.

Heather and Bo

P.S. I tried the Sock Bun tutorial..or should I say Bo helped me quite a bit. It was super easy and it stayed all day! Thank you Pinterest! AND we sincerely apologize for the iphone pictures..It seems to be glued to my hand?