Foster Parents

by lostindrawers

This week has been insanely crazy.  From early week shopping and planning for a myriad of events, to our midweek miracle: meet our foster dog.  She was rescued by workers across the street and taken in by us, as we hope to find her a loving home.  She is a beautiful Siberian Huskie, with a copper and white color and with bi-eyed (one blue eye, one brown eye),  She is sweet, agile, a cuddle bug and just wants to be loved.  Mister Emory doesn’t know what to think about her, so it’s been a full and busy household the last couple of days. And who knew how hard it could be to find a good no-kill shelter or foster group?  Insanely vague on how to accomplish placement for this baby girl.  Top it off with power outages and emotional roller coasters, I think we are worn out and the week isn’t over yet.  We have many cookies to bake, and many errands to run.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year?!