You got to give a little love. To get a little love.

by lostindrawers

Sometimes, life is funny. The last few days have been quite busy, and just a bit stressful. Since taking in the stray Huskie female, it has been a weird week of minor victories, stresses and adjustments. She, or “Lady” as we were calling her, is a sweet dog. But Emory was stressing, and our bed was a little too crowded at night. We have been struggling to get any positive or helpful answers from supposed rescue groups.  Everyone claims to be full, and doesn’t have referrals for other options.  Needless to say, volunteer organizations could use some networking skills. And then, today happened. “Lady” was out in the yard playing with Emory and suddenly without warning, she quickly darted under the smallest possible gap in our back fence and was off, never looking back.  We quickly began the search, but it turned up nothing.  As a last resort, we stopped by the nearest vet and reported her escape.  A few minutes later, we got the call – she was found and a couple were taking her home!  So, she is off to her next home in her journey and our life is better for meeting her.  The experience made us grateful for our rhythm of life, and also we were able to love a part of God’s creation.  It was both a hard and rewarding week, and the weekend awaits with events galore.  Our hearts are full. Love indeed.