There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found

by lostindrawers

We had planned a few months back to take Christmas card pictures and get them out pretty soon in plenty of time for the holidays. Yeah, so that didn’t happen so much. But we made Emory endure the Texas heat during a brutal autumn, so we thought at least we could put the results up now? So, from us to you, Happiest of Happy Holidays.

Speaking of the holiday, Christmas cannot get here soon enough as this week is dragging on so very slow. It’s time to hit the road, see family, nosh on sips & bites and see what adventure await us on the road ahead. But, to pass the time, we did our best to amuse ourselves mid-week by enduring the long traffic to see the Interlochen neighborhood lights of Arlington. Needless to say, Emory loved it more than us and the inflatable attractions did abound. We are blessed, and every day we are reminded of it.