One Year & One Week (Till Christmas!)

by lostindrawers

Part One!

Story Behind the Story….

This week was full of activities, and making this video was just a natural extension of living life. Here you see us as we got the opportunity to volunteer at the Labre Society with their Holiday Backpack project which distributes bags full of essential items to homeless and underprivileged people in our community. And of course, home life is prominent as it is the week of Christmas. It really doesn’t take Heather that long to eat a caramel apple, especially since this particular one was so delicious. And it was nice to capture some footage of Bo’s family actually relaxing and all together. It was a wonderful Christmas night, although Mister Emory had quite the attitude. We think we was a bit overwhelmed by the hustle & bustle of the holiday. We also got to see Christmas lights, although the Interlochen display is more waiting than actually viewing. However, it is free unlike set-up displays around D-FW. All in all, it has been a week of getting ready for the weekend where we get to be with Heather’s family and truly enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.