Happy, Happy Christmas!

by lostindrawers

There truly is no place like home for the holidays. As the new year has arrived, there is much to catch up on and the holidays have been an amazing and wild time of family, food & drinks, travel, vacation, and many many blessings. Coming home to Nancy & Michael’s house where the Brooks family spoiled us beyond what we could have ever deserved. We have been away from Fort Worth for a week and a half, and honestly I am not sure we want the holidays to end. We arrived Christmas Eve to a huge spread of favorite appetizers and beverages and awoke to presents and family time.  And among the many wonderful presents? Tickets & hotel accommodations to Universal Studios Orlando! Our vacation week plans were quickly made, and the holidays began to become a very happy new year. We cannot express how blessed we have been this holiday season and how through all the trials and difficulties we have and are sure to face, we made it through 2011. Our hearts are full and so grateful for this season away from Fort Worth and with our family.