The Future Lay Sparkling Ahead…

by lostindrawers

Wow. This past year has been super challenging. It has brought a lot of changes and both highs and lows. The longer two people live together and merge our worlds into a future together, the more work is necessary to ensure growth, stability and long term happiness. We’ve learned some tough lessons this year, in our relationship, in the nature of the business world, in family relationships, in friendships and in church situations. But in the end, we made it to 2012.  And that is something to be grateful for. Not to say that everything is perfect. It isn’t, but we move forward and we are better for it. We did a lot of new things this year, and we actually took this recent vacation. A real vacation! So, we needed 2012. And here it is, with all the hope for a better year and an even better life. To new rhythms, new hope and living out the most authentic, honest and real life we can. Truly, A Happy New Year.