Universal Studios Orlando – Day Two

by lostindrawers

When Day Two of our trip dawned, our mission was two-fold and both parts equally important. One, we needed our Harry Potter return pass and we needed many more churros! Churros are the secret weapon in theme park survival. Delicious and with the essential energy to get around the park and endure long lines. Emory was ready for his second day of doggie care at Happy Paws Pet Resort, which after day one none of us (including him) were sure about. We recommend doing a LOT of research if boarding or putting your dog in day care when you are traveling, although you never truly know what it will be like until you arrive. After getting him settled in and getting to the park, it was apparent that the weekend brings the crowds and everyone moves a lot slower the more days people are at the park.

Florida in the winter is odd, as the first day was breezy and cool most of the day, but day two the sun was out and it got warm very quickly.  Return pass in hand, we got to enjoy the ever fun The Amazing Spider Man Experience 3-D. Lunch in Toon Lagoon and many gift purchases later, it was time to head to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Honestly, Bo being the nerd was wide-eyed and had his head on the swivel. Butterbeer (draft AND frozen) was had, many photos and video were taken and then we took a deep breath and faced the longest line either one of us had ever been in. The main ride at Harry Potter is quite the wait (followed by a mandatory locker storage of all bags, so be ready for that!) BUT stepping inside the castle you truly step into the world, and it is amazingly realistic. Dumbledore greets you in his office, you encounter the main characters, you walk past the moving paintings and then soon enough you are flying through the ride, a true 4-D experience. Despite the pause in the action (at the horrid large spiders), the ride was one of the best we have ever been on. Entirely worth the wait and highly recommended! And how does one wind down from a Wizarding World? Well, with a frozen Goose Juice from Seuss Landing! And speaking of green things, Shrek completed our jaunt around the rides at Universal. We wound down with a stroll through the park, a quick meal at the Hard Rock Cafe.

As the sun set and we picked up (a much more sociable) Emory from day care and headed off to find a celebratory ice cream sundae, we tipped our hat to Orlando for a trip that was definitely a highlight of a year full of challenge. Despite many miles driven and 5 states, Universal Studios was a trip we will never forget.

Bo & Heather