Just Another Polka Dot Monday

by lostindrawers

Monday arrived with a list of things to do, most of which pertained to the continual organization of our spare room turned office/workspace/dressing room. Needless to say, I feel as if I have been cooped up all day working constantly on the space, finding an order to my desk that feels right and creating an inspiration wall. Listening to Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on repeat. And what was not helping? Fort Worth weather. It has been raining on and off since last night, but it did stop for a few this afternoon.

And so, I got dressed and this is what I wore. Sadly, I had to take that polka dot jacket back to the store because it was a little snug, but it maybe just had to be photographed. But things are progressing and I am thrilled for the new year’s possibilities.


Outfit Description: Polka Dot Jacket-xx1, Shirt-Anthropologie, Cuffed Jeans-Ross, Vintage Boots-Goodwill, Bag-H&M